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So even though this track may appear introspective on the surface, it is actually very interpersonal. The band released this classic through Creation Records on 2 October The song was written and produced by Noel Gallagher, with him being assisted on the production side by Owen Morris.

Yes, he has. November 12, A comprehensive publication has been conceived as an interpretative tool in parallel with the 5th berlin biennial.

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It includes a visual and textual anthology of source material submitted by participating artists. The visitors guided tours program Secret Service offers diverse formats of made-to-measure exhibition tours that enable the visitors to investigate the biennial from different angles. Further information and booking at www. Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours Every night except Mondays at various places in Berlin.

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Detailed program available soon at www. The presence of the 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art at its various venues is made possible by a co-operation between Kunst-Werke Berlin e.

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The publications accompanying the 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art are generously supported by the LUMA Foundation. Subscription pending.

Cast No Shadow by Oasis

The Federation insist on participating in the investigation and the Excelsior is assigned as an observer. Lieutenant Elias Vaughn , a junior officer of Starfleet Intelligence finds evidence suggesting a link between the attack and the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon and, when he fails to convince his superior, takes the information directly to Sulu and Darius Miller , the Intelligence officer handling the case.

He ends up being invited to join them on the mission. En route to Klingon space, the Excelsior collects Valeris , now the only Federation survivor of the conspiracy. She reveals a coded message refers to a Kriosian terrorist group, the Thorn , who oppose the Klingon occupation of the planet and were allied with those attempting to stop the Khitomer Accords.

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  5. However, General Igdar , the Klingon in charge of the investigation, insists the culprits are the House of Q'unat , a supposedly extinct group of Klingon isolationists. When a second attack on the Da'Kel system destroys the colony, Igdar blames the Federation and orders the Excelsior out of Klingon space.

    Major Kaj , an operative of Imperial Intelligence , believes them, however, and takes Miller, Vaughn and Valeris aboard her own ship, the Chon'hm. Igdar declares them traitors and orders an attack on the ship during which Miller is killed.