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Another feature praised by students is its applicability for preparing for the USMLE and other tests, despite its size. The book is widely praised by students for its many high quality pictures, which is supplemented with high-yield, informative and clear text.

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Both the pictures and text has a good internal organization which makes it more enjoyable to study from and makes it easy to use during lab sessions watching slides through the microscope. This book comes highly recommended from several students, including myself. To help you decide, you can follow this link or press the button below to head over to amazon.

This extensive textbook, spanning close to pages, contains in-depth material on all aspects of cell biology and histology. To help understand the cell biology, the book employs loads of helpful diagrams. With regards to the histology, the book is packed with micrographs, showing all of the bodily tissues as seen under the microscope. In addition to featuring high-definition micrographs, they are also labelled to help you differentiate between the neat tissue structures.

This combination of in depth cell biology and histology atlas makes this book a 2-in In some areas, the 2-in-1 is an understatement as lots of the material is immersed in anatomy, embryology and physiology.

Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology

This is further emphasised by the clinical correlation boxes being scattered around the text, which makes this book helpful and applicable to other subjects besides cell biology and histology. In general, the book is divided into 24 chapters. To help you navigate the chapters, each chapter have a color strip and subject titalt down the lateral margin of each page. If you are looking for an in-depth textbook to help you master human histology, this book is definitely worth your consideration.

The only downside is its pricing, which is a little higher compared to its peers. However, many feel this is compensated for by its usefulness in other subjects, including anatomy and physiology.

Junqueira's Basic Histology

To help you decide whether this book might the be one for you click this link or the button below which takes to over to amazon. There you can get a preview into the book as well as see its current pricing affiliate link. Although branded as a textbook, I found this one to be closer to a review book. However, it remains less comprehensive than its peer textbooks.

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One area on which this book is less comprehensive is cell biology. After a few chapters with high yield cell biology, it moves right on to basic histology, followed by organ systems. This is where this book has its greatest emphasis, displaying hundreds of large, labeled, high definition micrographs on all tissue types. The less comprehensive textual information makes it easier to follow, which has made it a favourite for many. I think it really depends on the level of your course.

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You can get a sneak preview of its great micrographs by clicking this link or the button below which takes you over to Amazon. There you can also get its current price to compare with your other options. BRS cell biology and histology Lange histology and cell biology Pages Type Review book Review book Features coverage of basic cell biology, general histological tissue types, and organ specific histology Each chapter followed by a review test ideal for USMLE preparation Good material.

Just like most books from the board review series BRS , this review book on cell biology and histology has become a student favourite due to its clear and concise take on the subject. Although a review book, it totals over pages which covers everything from basic cell biology, general histological tissue types, as well as organ specific histology. Each chapter is also followed by a review test at the end. In general, the text being easy to read, with the most important structures and terms being bolded for even greater information yield.

Although relatively extensive in term of material, students tend to prefer it as a review book to use for prep ahead of tests, including the USMLE. If you have a light histology course without much slides, this book might suffice for your course. Throughout, cell biology is emphasized as the most fundamental approach to understanding structure and function.

Features a full-color design, full-color photomicrographs highlighting important structural details of cells and tissues, a companion CD-ROM Atlas with all photos and illustrations in the book.

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The Cytoplasm 3. The Cell Nucleus 4. Epithelial Tissue 5. Connective Tissue 6. Adipose Tissue 7. Cartilage 8.

Bone 9. Muscle Tissue The Circulatory System Blood Cells Hematopoiesis Digestive Tract Glands Associated with the Digestive Tract The Respiratory System Skin The Urinary System Hypophysis The Male Reproductive System The Female Reproductive System See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks.