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Books with black and white interiors are produced with 60 pound off-set white or cream-colored paper. I hope this information is helpful. As always, if you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. I always have associated them with photographic books for some reason, but maybe that has changed? Good luck with your project.

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Otherwise not to worry. Thanks so much for your detailed reply Karen, it is really helpful. It seems to me that the paper you get from LS and from Createspace are much thinner than your digital print run of gs, at 80 and 90gsm respectively and the covers are only gsm and gsm, did you notice a difference in the quality between LS and the digital run? I would like a really thick cover even more that your gsm, but I am thinking this is not going to be possible.

Making a storyboard cannot be stressed enough. I encourage writers to make storyboards as well — just stick figure drawings if you have to. It is just a method to help organize the flow and rhythm of the story. They can even inform the writer if a storyline is not working or is not as strong as it should be.

It allows the writer to explore and rearrange story elements which might tell a better story in the end. These storyboard panels can be 1 or 2 inches. After you cut them out, just lay them out on a table and see if the story is flowing. If not, rearrange them. Storyboards allow you to forget about picture detail and focus on the overall big picture.

Hi Karen! Thanks for the interesting and very useful story. May be you know something about this stuff?

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Thanks a lot, Katherine. The next two pages are then the copyright page and the half title page and then my story finally starts on the next two pages…. At the end of the book I have a couple of pages promoting my other titles… Altogether these add up to 32 interior pages. Hi Karen, thanks for the explanation. Thanks a log again.

The instruction looks complete but very confused. Another problem was — which page should I start the file with?

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One more question is about binding. I have many children books, all of them are stitched, especially hardcovers. These are bound with glue, and the area is designated so it can adhere to all pages see reference templates for example. The pages will not be stitched? Can you please clarify? As far as I understood your book is hardcover too? Hi Katherine — my book is not hardback. And looking at the interior centre page it is glued. His prices are reasonable and he may be able to give you some quick free advice just to clarify. He is in Texas so may not reply right away depending on where you are.

Alternatively have you tried speaking to your Account Manager at LS if you have already set up an account? All the very best with it! And remember to work out your costs carefully as selling picture books online is hard. Unless for hardback they let you print on the inside….

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Hi Karen, thanks for the advice and contact information. It may be very helpful! This service you recommend is exactly what I was looking for.

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Although I can do the interior design on my own I still need some preflight check doing by the professional. Thanks a lot! As for selling I would like to try all the online ways and see how they work. Hi Katherine — I see what you mean now. Whatever the answer, would you be able to leave another comment here for the benefit of other readers? Many thanks! Hi Karen, thanks for the piece of advice — I will definitely ask LS first. And sure I will leave the comment here because it could be useful for others. Best regards. Thanks to show your process for your book!

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Hi Karen, Thanks for you insightful and honest blogs which help us all so much. She was a mother, grandmother and primary school teacher in Manchester. Kate passed away in April Her family decided to pursue publishing the stories, which were written for and dedicated to her grandchildren. The four stories have been put together in one book. We have published a beautiful book through Panda Press Stone Ltd. However, we now need to get it available on Amazon. As with you, we like our silky pages and also the size we have chosen which does not correspond with any of the premium colour options so we will probably have to distribute them ourselves through the Amazon website.

Have you any ideas or thoughts. I am finding it so difficult to get to the bottom of how much this would cost and how it works!

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Kindest regards, Sian. Thank you for this body of information regarding the challenges involved with Childrens Picture Books. Perhaps finding your site and the information regarding the sales figures has been an eye opener and has saved me time, money and effort. Hi, Karen Thanks for this super informative blog. Quality was so-so. Evaluating POD or offset. POD has obvious start-up advantages but offers low profit solutions. Sincere thanks and best of luck on your journey, Christine.