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We thank all the researchers and coordinators in the SEN, the president and vice president, and the members of the working group.. Appendix A details the names of the hospitals and researchers of the SEN neonatal network.. An Pediatr Barc. ISSN: Previous article Next article. Issue 6.

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Pages 01 December More article options. Postnatal growth at hospital discharge in extremely premature newborns in Spain. Download PDF. Corresponding author. This item has received. Article information.

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Show more Show less. Table 1. Table 2. Table 3. Table 5. Introduction Postnatal growth restriction is considered a universal problem in extremely premature infants EPI , and causes great concern due to the possible relationship between nutrition, sub-optimal postnatal growth, and neurodevelopment delay.

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Objectives To describe the weight gain in EPI and to determine the changes in the length and head circumference HC at hospital discharge in survivors. Patients and methods The study included Caucasian EPI from single pregnancies and without severe malformations, born in the centres participating in the Spanish SEN network — The length and HC were measured at birth and at discharge. Results The rate of weight gain exponential method was 8.

Israel - Palestina (mapa histórico)

Conclusions Weight gain in the first weeks after birth is slow in EPI, and they exhibit an almost universal postnatal growth restriction that involves mainly length and weight. In addition to weight, a close control of longitudinal growth and HC are essential for nutritional assessment and detection of patients at risk for poor growth and neurodevelopment after hospital discharge.

Extremely premature infant. La longitud y el PC se estudiaron al nacimiento y al alta. Palabras clave:. Introduction Postnatal growth restriction has been noted as a universal problem in very low birth weight VLBW preterm infants, independently of the level of care or intensity of the facility where the infant is born.

Number of patients and number of weight measurements used in the analysis and development of longitudinal growth curves by completed weeks of gestation.

El interminable conflicto en Israel y Palestina

Figure 1. Figure 2. Calculations were performed using the exponential method. All values are expressed as mean standard deviation. Figure 3. Changes in weight from birth to hospital discharge in extremely preterm infants.

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  • Table 4. Length at birth and at discharge in extremely premature infants. Head circumference at birth and at discharge in extremely preterm infants. We thank all the researchers and coordinators in the SEN, the president and vice president, and the members of the working group. Appendix A. Hospitals and researchers of the SEN neonatal network. Clark, P.

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    • Thomas, J. Extrauterine growth restriction remains a serious problem in prematurely born neonates. Pediatrics, , pp. Cooke, S. Ainsworth, A. Postnatal growth retardation: a universal problem in preterm infants.

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      Olsen, S. Groveman, M. Lawson, R. Clark, B. New intrauterine growth curves based on United States data. American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition: nutritional needs of low-birth-weight infants. Pediatrics, 75 , pp. Dinerstein, R. Nieto, C. Solana, G. Perez, L. Otheguy, A. Early and aggressive nutritional strategy parenteral and enteral decreases postnatal growth failure in very low birth weight infants. J Perinatol, 26 , pp. Martin, Y.

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      Brown, R. Ehrenkranz, T. O'Shea, E. Allred, M. Nutritional practices and growth velocity in the first month of life in extremely premature infants. Lucas, R. Morley, T. Randomised trial of early diet in preterm babies and later intelligence quotient. BMJ, , pp. Cooke, L. Growth impairment in the very preterm and cognitive and motor performance at 7 years. Arch Dis Child, 88 , pp. Ehrenkranz, A. Dusick, B. Vohr, L. Wright, L.

      Wrage, W. Growth in the neonatal intensive care unit influences neurodevelopmental and growth outcomes of extremely low birth weight infants. Isaacs, D. Gadian, S. Sabatini, W. Chong, B. Quinn, B. Fischl, et al. The effect of early human diet on caudate volumes and IQ.