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But it is possible, and you can do it responsibly without breaking the bank. Traveling cheap is all about taking advantage of helpful apps and websites that save you money, finding ways to lower your expenses, and even making money as you travel. Traveling for free entails taking advantage of free accommodation, transportation, and activities that are already out there and reducing your cost to zero.

Here you sacrifice comfort and convenience to extend your travels as long as possible. With the right budget and the right mindset, you can make your travel dreams a reality. They may not be fancy or luxurious, but if travel is your priority then you can definitely make it happen! Ready to kick-start your budget travels and save money? Just click on either of the links below to jump directly to that section! Stop paying full price!

A Little RTW Budget… How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World for a Year? (12222)

Download our free guide to travel hacking and learn how I travel the world for free! Follow this ultimate guide to travel frugality and see the world on the ultra-cheap:. Not making enough money at your job? Why not get a job overseas? Working overseas often gets discounted as an option because it seems hard to do.

Just be open. Are you going to get some high-paying office job? Will you get a shitty, low-wage job that will pay all your travel bills? One of the best ways to make money for travel is to teach English overseas. All you need is the ability to speak English fluently and maybe a TEFL degree, depending on the country you work in. Additionally, there are many websites and services out there that allow you to teach virtually. As long as you have a great wi-fi connection, you can help people learn English from anywhere in the world!

You have to pay to get to the farm, but once you are there, everything else is covered! It definitely will help you travel cheap as well as have a unique experience and meet lots of cool people. Use the sharing economy to find cheaper accommodation, quirky tour guides, rideshare options, and home-cooked meals with local chefs. You can bypass the traditional travel industry with sharing economy websites and gain access to locals using their own assets and skills to become small tourism companies with cheaper prices. Moreover, locals know where to find deals. They know which supermarket is cheapest, which stores offer the best sales, and where to find the hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars with the tastiest food at the lowest prices.

Talking directly to them gives you access to that knowledge. The best way to save money on the road is to cook all your own meals. No kitchen? Pack your own container and silverware and make some sandwiches and salads on the go.

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Not every meal requires a stove, right? Rail passes like Eurail are a great way to save money when it comes to train travel. However, that fixes you to a set timeline.

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Large hostel dorm rooms are the cheapest paid accommodation out there. The bigger the dorm, the cheaper it will be. While a bed dorm might give you more privacy, a bed dorm is going to be a bit cheaper. In the long run, this will add up. Are you a student, teacher, or under 26? Always ask if there are discounts available for students or youth as this is an easy way to save tons of cash as you travel around!


If you plan on seeing a lot of sights in a city, you should get a city tourism card. They are an amazing way to save money on attractions that not enough people use. Just head to the local tourism office to find out what cards are available. They can help answer all your questions and make sure you save as much money as possible.

5 Tips for Making Study Abroad More Affordable

Need some cash? Use Craigslist, TaskRabbit, Upwork, or Gumtree to find people who need a few things done around the house and get paid to help them. Additionally, if you have a skill, sell it. Offer haircuts to other travelers, busk for money, provide online services like editing or consulting.

The sky is the limit here! You can also help people learn your native language through apps like Duolingo. Looking to travel for free? Here are all the ways that can make that happen:. There are so many ways to earn free flights these days. Sign up for a few travel credit cards , collect miles, and then fly for free.

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You can go a lot further in the world when you take away the cost of flights and some accommodation. There are many services that connect travelers with locals who are willing to let them stay with them for FREE. Using these sites, you will never have to pay for accommodation.

Years ago I read about a guy who traveled for years while only Couchsurfing.

I Want to Travel the World: Where Do I Start? | Eternal Expat

There are also local Couchsurfing group meet-ups that can help you make friends in your new city. Moreover, because of the rise of the sharing economy in the last few years, there are now websites that let you not only stay with locals but share rides, meals, train tickets, gear, and much more! These websites not only save you a TON of money but they also get you off the tourist track and into the local life.

Here is a list of websites to use for free accommodation:. Hitchhiking is a free way to get around that is relatively safe and quite common in many parts of the world, including Central America, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Sure, it has a bad reputation in North America, but with some common sense and a bit of patience, you can hitchhike almost anywhere — saving you tons of money in the process! Want to learn about the city, get your bearings, and see the major sights? Take a free walking tour. This is a great platform for long-term travel with an important added bonus: you get a kitchen to cook your food which saves you even more money!


Here are the best house-sitting websites to check out:. Does your colleague have a relative in Spain? Or maybe you have a distant cousin who lives in New Zeland. Or maybe a childhood friend of yours is working down in Brazil. These days, we have a vast social network of friends and family that stretches across the globe.

Get your mom to ask her co-workers and friends, too!

Using out-of-the-box, nontraditional ways to travel can lead to big savings.