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Application forms for the admission The Long International Course, is a general course. It helps students deepen their knowledge on European issues and become familiar with the French administration.

Le portail de la Fonction publique

This course allows them to benefit from the same training as the French students at ENA, who passed the entrance examinations, and in particular from two internships, one based on European Affairs and one on Regional Affairs France. Those pathways enable programme participants to acquire an additional specialisation of their choice in three domains related to public management:. Nevertheless the student will have to be able to pay for his general living internship expenses.

NB : Students with a bursary from the Ministry of Foreign end European Affairs can obtain a total refund for the ENA Masters's participatory fees, and are exempted of the University registration fees for these Masters.

Billet d'avion

Bursaries may be available from national or international institutions, public or private, or from the government presenting the applicant. Bursaries may also be applied for from the cooperation and cultural action department "SCAC" of the French Embassy in the student's. Cycle Dirigeants "Piloter la transformation publique".

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Tailor-made training sessions. Offre formation continue Nos veilles Scoop-it! And tensions still at their highest in the Seven Kingdoms.

Histoire (4): La modernisation du Québec

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The war on terror is fought mainly at home by police forces. The extra security measures implace bring new political issues that must be addressed.


An ideological war must also be waged against religious zealotry. Daniel Psenny, journalist for Le Monde, filmed the outskirts of the Bataclan during the assault.

France : les syndicats unis derrière les fonctionnaires

He was shot while trying to help Matthew, an American wounded during the attack. As of Sunday afternoon, people died and were wounded in Paris on the 13th of November, due to terrorist attacks.


If you are travelling in France, or heard about these attacks, here is a round up. The king of Morocco opened an account in Geneva in with his personal secretary Mounir El Majidi. Team of journalists from 47 countries unearths secret bank accounts maintained for criminals, traffickers, tax dodgers, politicians and celebrities. Le Monde has put together the timeline of the attack that left twelve people dead in the office of weekly satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. Real Madrid's victory has offered Spain a complete domination over European football : it holds the four most prestigious titles.