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I should have been angry but I understood her so completely that I could only hug her and say, "OK sweetheart. And Muslim Americans are good at adapting. Whether we are immigrants like my family, or Americans for five generations like an African-American Muslim I know, we are all celebrating a bittersweet Thanksgiving this year. Extremely grateful for all that America has given us, but also working hard to improve those areas we find lacking, be it stereotyping, or refugee issues or hateful political rhetoric.

Muslim Americans like myself are in a unique position to make serious changes and I am thankful of that opportunity. At my mosque last week, representatives of several religious traditions gathered to give thanks and pray together in an interfaith service. There were remarks about the Paris attack victims, and also a wonderful sense of gratitude that we could set aside our differences and celebrate Thanksgiving together. Some even realized that while the theological differences are minute, the similarities as Americans—as humans—on a faith spectrum are immense.

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My Muslim-American Thanksgiving is as real as it gets — with all the hyphenated identities. Impeachment Inquiry Politics U.

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Sections U. Author: Naveeda Khan. Through a multilayered ethnography — coupled with textured readings of myriad texts — Naveeda Khan reveals the complexities and contradictions of life in contemporary Pakistan.

Threading My Prayer Rug: One Woman's Journey from Pakistani Muslim to American Muslim

Its argument—that one has to understand religious practices and institutions in Pakistan in terms of striving or aspiration—is original and quite provocative. Naveeda Khan's subtle insights, novel ethnographic data, and fascinating analysis of Iqbal's poetry and philosophical writings are remarkable too.

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Interested in nothing less than the formation of a new way of being Muslim in Pakistan, Khan argues that Muslim attempts at perfection in Pakistan are neither communal nor turned toward the past, but rather located in modern citizenship and aspirations toward an entirely novel future. This makes Islam more, rather than less, flexible there. Given the stereotypical and repetitive nature of so much writing about Pakistan today, Muslim Becoming is a breath of fresh air.

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It deserves to be widely read by academics, journalists, and policy makers. She thinks of aspiration as a striving for perfectibility, not perfection. This small shift of emphasis makes familiar phenomena, such as sectarian conflict, appear in a new light.

Philosophically rich, written in a style that invites conversation, and ethnographically grounded in literary texts, as well as in the ordinary flows of neighborhood relations, Muslim Becoming surely deserves the designation of a modern classic. She is the editor of Beyond Crisis: Re-evaluating Pakistan. Bk Cover Image Full. Sign In.

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