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The Mystic Man simply explains that prioritizing compassion over strict interpretation of the law IS the mark of a Tin Man, and the whole thing was a test. When the candidate absolutely refuses to take part in it, he is hired. Luso had to go through one so a shopkeeper is satisfied that Luso is mentally and emotionally prepared to be a Fighter before the shopkeeper will sell him the necessary equipment in The Tainted Grimoire. Q believes that disobeying his orders and interfering anyway will result in his powers being taken from him again, or even in his immediate execution So he causes the Enterprise's weapon to short-circuit and destroy itself rather than the ship, which leads eventually to the defeat of the Borg before they can assimilate Earth in canon, La Forge warns Riker that the use of the weapon could well destroy the ship; Riker orders it done anyway, because it seems their only hope, but it destroys itself before it has any effect on the Borg.

This leads the crew to have to solve the problem creatively, by kidnapping and de-assimilating Locutus, which wouldn't have happened if their ship had blown up.

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It turns out that Q's willingness to defy the Continuum in order to do the right thing was the final test required to get him off probation. Q is somewhat pissed off that his fellows were actually willing to let the Borg destroy humanity to teach him a lesson, but mostly he's just happy he passed. It's not like he's got a lot of room to complain, given the stuff he's been willing to allow to teach mortals a lesson.

The people of Earth are negotiating with an alien world inhabited by humans for the right to set up a colony on the alien world. Daniel, who is representing Earth in the negotiations, is called to a private meeting with a woman who is one of the alien world's leaders.

The woman comes on to Daniel, implying that if he doesn't sleep with her, she'll convince the other leaders of her world to refuse to let Earth have its colony on their planet.

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Daniel refuses to sleep with the woman despite that, refusing to sacrifice his morals just to get Earth a colony. Later on, it's revealed that the leaders of the alien world wanted to know that they were negotiating with a honourable man, so set the whole thing up as a test of Daniel's character. Since he passed, they agree to let Earth build a colony on their world. The Bound Destinies Trilogy has two different examples: In Wisdom and Courage , The golden goddess specifically Nayru decide to test the princess's wisdom by initially presenting a Sadistic Choice to her: to use the Triforce to restore the lands of Hyrule and Termina, as well as their inhabitants, to the way they were before Veran razed both lands, or to bring Link, whose spirit had been destroyed in the final battle against Veran, back to life.

Zelda declares that she cannot choose between them, stating that she loves them both too much and would rather die than to have to pick one. The goddesses approve of her choice and agree to restore both. It's revealed in chapter 36 of Blood and Spirit that much of the plot was one for Link. They had foreseen that Majora would try to corrupt Link, and used it to their advantage to see just how strong Link's Heroic Spirit was. In the final phase, after Link and Zelda are killed, they claim that only one of the two can return to life and stop Veress; when Link unhesitatingly agrees to do so even if he must live without Zelda , he passes, thus letting them both return to life.

The Q Continuum are fed up with his fraternizing with the humans and henceforth set up Picard to be captured and tortured as seen in the episode "Chains of Command", since Picard is Q's favorite human. Q is not allowed to rescue Picard or else he will get in trouble, but he does provide moral support to Picard, and gives him peaceful visions to alleviate the pain of his brutal torture.

Eventually the Q Continuum confronts Q about his assistance towards Picard, and they tell him in no uncertain terms that they will banish him permanently if he does anything more to help Picard We'll find a nice isolated planet for you to rot on.

Q arrives to see Picard suffering at the climatic conclusion of Chains of Command, where he defiantly refuses to admit there is a 5th light, and so manifests himself as the 5th light so Picard won't be tortured anymore. Picard notices the 5th light but he hesitates to admit its existence, and Q is internally begging Picard to call out that there are 5 lights. Then the Enterprise arrives to rescue Picard, leaving Q to realize his assistance was unnecessary and he stops showing the 5th light, leaving Picard to defiantly utter out his famous "there are four lights.

Apparently Q's family wasn't truly convinced that he had been reformed, or that he truly cared about others, but by showing that he was willing to sacrifice himself for Picard they accept that he has been redeemed. In Reaching for a Dream , Naruto has promised he'll earn Xanna's aka Kyuubi love and marry her one day. She repeatedly explains that as she'll only marry someone as strong as her, he's better off loving a mortal woman instead of potentially killing himself trying to accomplish a likely impossible goal. When Naruto actually does start falling for a mortal woman Tsunami , he breaks things off with the woman and keep to his promise to marry Xanna.

Xanna approves of his decision but also warns him that was his Last-Second Chance ; no he must either fulfill his promise or die trying. When meeting the raptor pack in Imprint , Claire is offered the chance to touch one of them.

She declines, noting that she's not their handler and raptors aren't pets. While nothing is made of it, Claire is quite certain it was a test. When he coldly asks what it matters as they'll be "one with the Force" and who cares if a few more innocents die when they die every day, Aayla shouts at him that she cares, at which point Harry agrees to train her. Even after realizing it was a test, Aayla isn't sure what the test was specifically. In The Married Couple , Asuka leaves to find Kaji after she receives a letter supposedly written by him on the day she was going to marry Shinji.

Turns out, the letter was written by Rei, who wanted to see if Asuka really cared for Shinji. Suffice to say, she failed. In This Bites! She's rather pleased when Cross threatens her over it. The Department of Mysteries is actually keeping an eye on them to see what they do with it; in over years, she and Percy Weasley are the only ones to fail the test by only using their time-turner to attend classes. Second Chances : All souls in hell are given one.

If they pass, they earn another chance at life in the third world. If they fail, they stay in hell forever. The only one shown to have failed is Kiyomi Takada. When Guiche breaks up with Montorency in Soldier of Zero over her attempting to drug him with a love potion, she begs him not to and offers him anything he wants in return. Guiche demands she sleep with him but Montmorency refuses. At her refusal, Guiche is relieved and tells her he was testing to see if she was still the spitfire he fell in love with. However, he's still breaking up with her.

The fourth and final temptation is letting Tikal choose to damn her father Pachacamac to eternal suffering for his crimes , which she eventually refuses. Satan then tells her that there was no wrong answer to the choice - it was a test of how she would react to having power over others. As a reward for passing his trials, he gives her a Super form and turns her into a Demon Princess. To do this, he makes sure Shampoo is present when he asks her what direction she would like to take her Chi training.

He knew that Shampoo would suggest channeling rather than invocation, due to her relative lack of personal strength at the moment. He also knew that Akane didn't like Shampoo, and wanted to see if she could overcome her bias and use her critical thinking to make the right choice. Akane passed. Eventually, Salem takes them to a pit full of Angra Mainyu's corrupting black mud, and tells them if one of them jumps in, the other two will go free.

Whitley shoves Weiss in, and fails the test.

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The whole point was to prove to Weiss that humanity doesn't deserve to be saved, which is why Salem didn't just throw her in herself. Weiss, incredibly angry at being betrayed by her own family, embraces the darkness and emerges from the pit, corrupted but stronger and now a willing servant of Salem. Whitley is quickly killed. In A Thing of Vikings , Snotlout and Hiccup plus Astrid are having a three-part contest of strength, speed, and wisdom in that order, best two out three wins, with Astrid fighting on Hiccup's behalf in the first test and Hiccup racing Snotlout for the second.

After they win the first two, Snotlout still insists on doing the wisdom test, even after others point out that wisdom is obviously his weakest area where he at least had a chance of breaking even in the other two. The test giver explains that in attempting to do so he has already failed. A wiser man would have known when he was beat and just walked away.

Snotlout in his arrogance and stubbornness manages to lose all three tests humiliating himself even further. After a brief telepathic visit from Madam Web, it is implied that she arranges for Peter to regain his powers when he chooses to save Mystique when the two of them are trapped in a collapsed warehouse when it would be easier for Peter all round to just leave her and focus on trying to get out by himself.

In Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen , it is revealed that Shining Armor actually failed the entrance exam for the Equestrian officer's academy because the exam was meant to be failed. Rather, the actual test was to see whether the applicant would cheat Shining obviously didn't. The ruse, of course, wouldn't work if knowledge of it was widespread — that Alternia is able to recite back to him the true purpose of the exam is one of the things she uses to convince him and the rest of her interrogators that she actually is Princess Celestia or rather, the one they had known their whole lives.

In Debts , Mjolnir allows Xander to wield it to see what he'd do with the power. After a moment contemplating wiping out all vampires, Xander hands it back to Thor. Film — Animated. Goofy employs one on Max in A Goofy Movie. The two eventually come on a junction that going left on would lead to what Max wants, and going right would lead to what Goofy wants.

Max changed the route on the family map to take them to Los Angeles instead of Lake Destiny in Idaho. Goofy already knows this, but wants to see what Max is going to choose after proclaiming to Pete that he trusts Max to make the right choice. However, Max chooses to go left. This results in a Third-Act Misunderstanding. In the little-known sequel of Atlantis: The Lost Empire , Milo confronts an old man who can control a bunch of shadow wolves. He says that as Milo, Kida and their group know about him, he must kill them so they never give away his secret. He says he will spare them if they tell him one of their own secrets Atlantis , but Milo decides not to.

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The wolfman spares them, saying they understand the importance of keeping a secret, and lets them go. Rainbow Dash agrees to help, but only if Twilight can beat her in a one-on-one soccer game.

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Twilight tries her best, but is easily beaten by the more-athletic Rainbow Dash. After the match, Rainbow Dash agrees to help anyway, saying she just wanted to see how serious Twilight was about challenging Sunset Shimmer: refusing to give up despite being hopelessly outmatched meant that she actually did have the determination needed and wouldn't just back down once things got tough. Early in the short, Billy stands up to some thugs who are harassing a seemingly loopy homeless man ; he gets Curb-Stomped , but gives the homeless man a subway token, which he later returns.