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You would then be poised to write about this in your actual essay should it relate to the topic at hand. Plenty of example essays are online here.

Essentials of College Physics Student Solutions Manual and Study Guide, Volume 1

Study those, too. Same idea for World History.

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Plenty of prompts are available on the College Board site. The other helpful element in essay writing is getting a hold of good examples of high scoring AP essays.

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Books are one source of these. The College Board is another, though sometimes they are hard to find. Some other pages may have limited links or just prompts.

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For other exams, AP teachers often will create websites with even more resources or sample essays, too. This is another thing to look for in your Google search.

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Before we start, a couple of disclaimers; You might have an awesome AP teacher. If you do, some of this may duplicate what your teacher already told you. As a result, some tips are generalized and may not be specific to your particular test.

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We know there are many specific tips that will apply to some and not others. Act accordingly.

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C Get some books if you have a little time. If you have essays, find a study buddy and skip to step 4. Rinse and Repeat Repeat steps as often as you have time for.

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Argument-Driven Inquiry in Physics, Volume 1 focuses on mechanics and has two parts. The second part provides 23 field-tested labs covering a wide variety of topics related to forces and interactions, energy, work, and power. Some investigations are introductory labs that expose students to new content; others are application labs to help students try out a theory, law, or unifying concept. All are easy to use, thanks to teacher notes, student handouts, and checkout questions, and all align with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards.

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