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Young women living through the hospitalization and treatment of cancer need strength, positivity and a role model they can look up to that projects the hope that is critical to their recovery. In this heart-warming episode of Caly On The Good, Caly visits the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to be there for a group of young patients that are striving to rise up from the daily battle with their disease to enjoy some happy, normal teenage moments.

It was shocking not being welcomed back.

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It's really difficult to make that mental switch. These are the voices of veterans of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and other foreign wars who share a common pain and stress when returning to life at home after their deployment. Warrior Hike founder Sean Gobin experienced these feelings as well on his return, but discovered a way to decompress and find balance and calm in his life again. Recognizing the therapeutic effects of long distance hiking, Sean created the "Walk Off The War" Program which is designed to support veterans transitioning from their military service by thru-hiking America's National Scenic Trails.

What if your favorite fruit and nut bar was not just a midday snack, but was also a meal for a hungry child across the globe? Well now, it can be! In fact, the epidemic is so severe that one child dies of malnourishment once every 12 seconds. Upon their return, they knew they had to do something, and quickly.

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Inseparable best friends since the first day they met in kindergarten, the boys bonded over a love of superheroes -- especially Spiderman. Though he lived every day like a superhero, Joey was born with a cardiac condition known as cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle that makes it harder for your heart to pump blood to the rest of your body. This condition caused him to have an enlarged heart that led to a lifetime of medical struggles. Joey died from this disease at age 6. Coach Gayle Watterson of the Calvert County Cheer and Dance team understands a core principle for building a fun, but still competitive, Special Olympics team — the key is not to focus on their disabilities, but to see what they can do, and what their potential is.

My friend and hostess in Alaska is an FNP and specializes in hormone replacement treatment.

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She and I had discussed my condition prior to making the trip, and a two day hospital stay right before my departure caused fear that I would have to cancel my plans. For my dear husband's sake, I pushed on, and we went. After we arrived, Ann ran blood tests on both Kelly and I. Neither of us had much more than a measurable hormone level and after reading up on the topic on interviewing other satisfied "patrons," we are now the proud "owners" of rice-sized pellets implanted beneath the skin on our hips.

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This process has been around since but has been secreted away to keep the drug companies rolling in dough. I'm happy to say that I've decreased my RX dependency by three pills and a big monthly expense. The pellets will need to be replaced every four-five months for me and five-six months for Kelly, but it's an investment I'll gladly make.

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I know I sound like an advertisement, but I guess if you can't consider my pictures as evidence of spunkiness, maybe you can refer to me as "frisky. TMI, I know, but I can't contain my glee at living life again and loving it. My husband has renewed energy, has lost inches and is gaining back some of his lost muscle mass.

Love it! Our mission is to bring music to those who can no longer get out to hear it. How many things do you do that bring you joy but also bring joy to others?

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We sing songs from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Most of our. Our audiences seem to love us and we sure love singing for them.