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Equally savvy in consignment stores and high end department stores, Sue exercises her visual creativity in textures, colors and shapes. But she offers much more than a styling service. Being my most true self is the best way to foster trust. Sue is passionate about getting her clients looking and feeling their best. She holds herself in a whole new way. That somehow I've been able to bring this awakening for someone is what I love most.

Recently, all of Sue's strengths came together when she took a small group of clients personal shopping in the East Bay.

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She planned an itinerary of treasure hunting through carefully selected boutiques and consignment stores. Knowing the women of her group to be open-minded and friendly, she welcomed a woman who also happens to be transgender to join. Everyone embraced being seen. Through sharing we receive. As is her smile and hearty laugh. For five years, she and her husband have struggled to start a family. She became deeply depressed, and there was a lot of self-blame.

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Maybe I did something to my body to cause this. Though not openly discussed, infertility is a common problem. In cases treated for infertility, problems traced to men versus women are found in equal numbers. But because infertility is such a personal matter, many women suffer in silence as Aleli did in her earlier years. All I kept seeing were babies and pregnant women. Even now after she has gone through several cycles of infertility treatments, the emotional rollercoaster and month to month heartbreaks have not gotten easier.

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Since grieving her miscarriage, Aleli put herself on a healthier path. Today she chooses hope rather than self-doubt. Even though infertility has shaken her to the core and tested her marriage, she is not ready to give up. But I know one day I will be a mother. We are wives, mothers, or mothers-to-be, all these different roles to different people, and we're always trying to be perfect. But who and what am I trying to prove? Why am I constantly so competitive against myself?

Speaking out about her infertility has also charted Aleli towards her healing path. She has seen how she can help others gain clarity on their experience and take away some of their sadness. With her trademark smile, Aleli says, "Even though our paths are hard and unclear, sharing our stories allows us to be blessings for one another.

Breaking News: She is now healthily sixteen weeks pregnant!

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Aleli is a proud member of Sol Sisters , a nonprofit organization that provides holistic health services to empower women of all backgrounds. Yesterday has made us. And we are mighty, awesome, beautiful. Her mother suffered from a serious accident. Through it all, Nubia held on to her sense of self. She joined the wrestling team as an healthier alternative to the social circles that taunted her. She studied hard, setting her sights for college. During her first year of college, her family broke apart. Her parents divorced, and she lost both sets of grandparents within some months of each other.

But in her heart she wanted to serve as a bridge between the community and the law. When an opportunity came to work with at-risk youths at an after school program, she knew she had found the place to build her bridge. She advocated for young people in the juvenile system, those who had gone through foster care or who were struggling with substance abuse.

Nubia saw that in order to do this work well, she needed more learning. She applied to graduate school and obtained her masters degree in family therapy and counseling. Throughout the last decade, Nubia has served minors who have been victims of assault, human trafficking and other trauma. She has volunteered and worked professionally at domestic violence shelters and youth detention facilities.

In her various roles, she has supervised the daily activities of detained minors and overseen their emotional well-being. Nubia is passionate about her work. That I care deeply about them, and I hold space for everything they are going through. What I love most about what I do is that I can help these young women recognize their strength, courage and intelligence. Nubia has modeled resilience throughout her entire life. At the age of 32, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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While fighting for her life, going in and out of the hospital undergoing treatment, Nubia continued to advocate for at-risk girls. She is in remission now. Thankfully this force — this beautiful, perseverant force of light — continues to shine upon the lives of those vulnerable among us who would otherwise be lost. Nubia is a proud member of Sol Sisters , a nonprofit organization that provides holistic health services to empower women of all backgrounds. Be loving and kind to yourself, forgiving yourself of whatever transgression you think you may have. Whatever you want to do in this world, you can do it.

Kim Lan Grout was born in our land of the free, but she grew up in the shadows of those who barely made it to this country. Kim Lan grew up on cultural tension both at home and school. Kim Lan also battled a disorder from birth. Painful and debilitating, the disability also impacted her socially and emotionally. She would hate on my freckles, for example, maybe as a distraction from my leg for herself. Even though so much of her childhood was conflicted, Kim Lan identifies herself as a happy person. That is all in my head. When Kim Lan was eighteen, she chose to have her left leg amputated.

She pivoted. Kim Lan describes the elation, power and strength she experienced upon waking up post-operation. I was free to be me. This was my liberation! In the spirit of no holding back, Kim Lan started her own business.

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First a teaching academy that offered tutoring services in math, sciences and verbal comprehension. She managed a staff of tutors and ran the business out of a space in San Francisco. She met and married a man who shared her sense of freedom and love. With him, she embarked on the adventure of parenthood with their two healthy girls. With the birth of each child, she dialed down her tutoring business. Not wanting to be away from her own children, she told clients she could either help them find other good tutors or she could offer them her services via Skype.

Every single one of her clients chose to stay with her so her business grew organically into an online service. She took up photography to capture her growing family. Before long, people hired Kim Lan for their portraits and family moments so she started a photography business.

Alongside birthing her children, she birthed a talented photographer. Kim Lan is effusive about how much she loves being a mother despite the regular challenges of motherhood on top of those that come with being a mother as a disabled person. Her daughters grew terrified about Kim Lan dying, a fear with which they framed their lives.

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In Kim Lan started the Redefining Disabled Project , a photo series accompanied by stories about people of various disabilities in their daily lives. Kim Lan interviews disabled people who apply through her website. She takes photos and writes their stories. Kim Lan saw very quickly the many stories that wanted and needed to be told. Kim Lan says, "Now is the time to start having these conversations. The basis for understanding, acceptance and tolerance starts with proper information.

Kim Lan is a good listener and a natural story teller. They are taking an enormous leap of faith with me. For days and weeks, their spirit and stories stay with me and carry me through everything.

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That people are willing to let me tell their stories is a dream come true. I am humbled, and I honor their stories. Her Inner Light - the joy of being a child of God and being part of a sisterhood of light. Drug dealers, so not cool. Car dealers, snooze. Card dealers, so yesterday.