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Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and Theophrastus. They convinced this old man, in his folly, and later, when he found me, since I was young and a lover of literature, he convinced me in turn that if I should strive to imitate these men in every respect, I would become better, perhaps not than other men, for the contest was not with them, but better than with my former self.

It is in recalling his master Mardonius that Julian gives us the first piece of business wisdom: competition among men is unproductive inasmuch as the emotions of jealousy end envy driving it bring turmoil and weakness in our spirit, increasing - inter alia - the risk of disruption of team work which is so necessary in working towards a common goal.

The only productive competition we should endorse, then, is the one with ourselves, in constantly bettering our individual characters as men and women in society. Nonetheless, in my interpretation of the words of Julian and the teachings of Mardonius, this does not mean that we should become entirely oblivious to the qualities and successes of others, or cease being inspired by them in our constant striving to better ourselves.

Fascinated by the works of Homer, the legendary author of the Iliad and the Odyssey , Julian in fact worked hard to imitate the cunning genius of Ulysses and the heroic feats of Achilles. In imitating this latter, he would in the end expose himself to unnecessary risk in battle and died after only twenty months of reign as Rome's last true pagan Caesar.

Julian gave us his last lesson in business wisdom on his deathbed. Aged just years-old and fatally wounded by a Persian spear during the Battle of Samarra, in which he bravely but recklessly fought without wearing his protective coat of mail, Julian met his death discussing the meaning of life in the presence of his closest companions. And yet success and well-laid plans do not always go hand in hand, since higher powers claim for themselves the outcome of all enterprises".

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He reminds us that strength in character rests upon the fears we face, which nevertheless quickly vanish before a strong will and determination to dominate and conquer them. The preview track shows this is no different. Can't wait for the release! Lord Of Putrefaction.

Blizzard of Bozz. Kevin O'Donovan. Antonio Barrote. Dennis Hughes. Read shipping terms before buying!

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The Sour Waters of Life Salt for the Healer A Visage of Dark Remembrance Axiom of the Plague The Apostate of Light Storms of Havoc Bornyhake contributed drums, bass, and keyboard samples while Kozeljnik contributed lyrics and vocals. The band was meant to illustrate their idea of what black metal was to them and the darkness within, as well as anti-Christian themes. Heaving and hulking and yet emitting a wealth of nuance and especially atmosphere for something so spiraling and gnarly, OCULUS create a dissonant and chaotic experience that nevertheless manages a palpably linear flow.

Orthodox black metal in the most classic sense, The Apostate of Light verily illuminates every crypt-dark passage with the blinding light of Lucifer.

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That the album was written in and yet still sounds timeless in any era is all the more remarkable. Tags black metal death metal metal thrash metal Sweden.