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Not only does the gut lining need to be well hydrated to function, but also our entire respiratory lining does too. Our lungs absolutely require a moist mucous membrane to function. In chronic dehydration, the mucus membranes in our respiratory system dry out and become more vulnerable to dust, pollen and other irritants.

Our entire urinary system and therefore the health of our kidneys depends on having enough volume to use liquids to flush toxins from our body. As we become volume depleted, we begin to feel thirst, which is often confused with hunger because the body is craving intake of any kind knowing that most foods will provide some form of hydration, your body sends out the message that it is hungry when it is volume depleted in any way.

The healing powers of water

A study published in The Journal of Nutrition showed that study participants reported decreased motivation and increased feelings of anxiety when mildly dehydrated. On top of that, headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and decreased physical activity all were increased during dehydration.

And the effect of dehydration on mood was even more pronounced in women than in men! And this medical review published in the Journal Of the American College of Nutrition showed that our attention spans and even our short term memory fizzles when we are dehydrated. By then we have already had effects on our mood, energy level, ability to think clearly, and pain levels.

Replenishing the fluids you lost overnight every as well as the fluids you may have overlooked drinking all day long is a great lifelong habit to get into….

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We feel hunger on and off all day long, and so we can remember to drink water on and off all day long too. I talk a little more about why minerals are so essential for health in this video I made for you here! You might want to consider a daily mineral supplement that you have to put into water, which will further encourage you to drink drink drink throughout the day. The sugar and chemicals found in soda even diet soda! Beyond staying hydrated, the healing power of water can work magic for helping to support our entire well being, from clearing our mind frame to easing pain. Tears help encourage the flow of emotions through the body both tears of joy and tears of sorrow!

The Healing Power of Water

The other way that the body uses water as a form of energetic and physical release is through sweat. Heat uses the energy and flow of water the blood in your circulatory system by increasing flushing — fluid in, sweat out. Exercise is an essential, wonderful, medically proven treatment plan for so many different health conditions, shown to be effective in treating everything from insomnia, to depression and anxiety to fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions… even preventing dementia and extending our lifespan!

Make sure you find some physical activity that you can routinely do that allows you to sweat… whether you like hiking, yoga, kickboxing, jogging, or even, in a pinch a more passive form of sweating like a sauna which has been recently shown to decrease dementia rates! Take a long hot epsom salt bath soak add some baking soda and apple cider vinegar to turn it into a detoxing experience to soothe muscles, calm and relax you before bedtime….

Another great way to use water to heal is to ground by the ocean or river or lake or even the morning dew on a blade of grass!

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Ground outside daily if at all possible and add water —sweaty feet, making a puddle with your hose, heading to the beach for a healing weekend retreat, or any other way to add moisture:. For more on using the healing power of the earth to feel better, you can download my free Grounding Idea Book here.

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  • As I mentioned above, your mucosal membranes absolutely require moisture to function… did you know you lose over two cups or a half liter of water just from breathing each day? You lose up to 2 liters 8 cups of water each day just through urination and bowel movements and skin surface evaporation.

    You can utilize this high turn over of fluids to your advantage and hydrate hydrate hydrate during times of worry or sorrow or stress more than any other time of your life. Look at every glass of water you drink as a way to add a healing intention into your body, infusing every single cell of every single tissue of every single organ system you have with healing support.

    You can even take a sharpie marker and write an intention or uplifting word or phrase onto your water bottle or onto a piece of tape and tape it to your cup or mug. Let your body be flushed out inside and out and with every urination or bowel movement or tear or droplet of sweat you shed, recognize you are flushing the old energy down the drain and making way for new healing.

    Laura, a friend told me to get a water filter that removes fluoride… do I really need to? After hundreds of studies have shown fluoride affects everything from cognitive function in humans to diabetes, fertility and more in animals, I recommend avoiding fluoride in water and never use fluoridated toothpastes.

    The old problem that is widely recognised even by the National Institutes of Health is that it accumulates in bone. White blood cells increase with sun exposure. These cells and these play a major role in defending the body against infections. The sun can also help with mental health. Whenever you are taking in sun rays, be sure that you drink plenty of Mountain Valley Water to stay hydrated. Tag us in your best outdoor summertime shots mountainvalleywater.

    Hydrated, healthy skin starts with water, but you don't have to drink it to get the benefits

    Here are a few of them: There are a litany of pharmaceutical drugs that are made to lower blood pressure, but did you know that a single exposure to sunlight lowers blood pressure for people who have high blood pressure? This is one of the most damaging mistakes modern man has made. The reason for this is that water does much more for us than simply being a lubricator.

    Water is part of our energy source or our source of Qi.

    The body needs electricity Qi to function. When we die, the current stops and we disintegrate. To keep the EMF voltage and current alive we use the components of water. However, when I say 'water' I do not mean any liquid, I mean pure water! The body is so amazing and I always feel so puny when I discover new areas of the body and how it works, the chemical and electrical workings of the body have been put together so well that it could not have just evolved!

    Look at how the body and brain take glucose for energy. The brain is obviously the most important area of our body so it takes energy in a totally different manner to the body. The body has to rely upon insulin to carry glucose to the cells of the body for fuel. When we run out of insulin as in the case of diabetes, we must use artificial means of doing this or go into 'manual' mode. The brain on the other hand, takes its energy from the food we eat straight from the blood and does not rely upon insulin. Isn't that amazing! Whoever invented we animals thought that should the insulin some day stop, there must be a way of getting energy to the brain without relying upon insulin.

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    So, the brain was made differently to the rest of the body. And it is the same with water. The brain takes in the Qi from water directly from the mouth before it goes into the stomach and intestines to be used for lubrication. The rest of the body must rely upon the digestion process to get its water. However, it's not that simple, as the body treats food differently to water.

    And here is where most people get into trouble in thinking that things like coffee and tea or fruit juice are water, or even better! The body senses that anything that has food in it, is food and treats that liquid as food, not as water!