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His immense production - based on both academic and on-the-ground work - directly points to the many opportunities for creating a world in which there are no nuclear weapons and most conflicts are solved in adherence with the UN Charter's highest norm Article 1 that peace shall be created by peaceful means - a term which by definition implies nuclear abolition, de-militarisation and the achievement of the world community's decade old commitment to general and complete disarmament.

Read also nomination by Prof.

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Nominated by Prof. Robert J. Glossop , Southern Illinois Uni. Prosecuting the individuals who are responsible for such crimes is a main way of eliminating war from society.

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There are also German-language versions of some of these books. Ferencz worked behind the scenes with several organizations such as the Coalition for the International Criminal Court in order to convene [and] actively participated in the Rome Conference itself and He was a member of the Organizing Committee which convened the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference, the largest international peace conference in history on May , , in The Hague, Netherlands.

His international coalition led the effort to get national ratifications from 60 countries so that the treaty went into effect in July, , much more rapidly than anticipated. Pace also has given many lectures and participated in many conferences about the ICC. At 95, he reminds us of the work that we have yet to accomplish — such as criminalizing aggressive war - and he appeals to young people to continue this intergenerational project.

Nobel Prize Museum | The Nobel Prize shows that ideas can change the world.

He was omitted in our original list, for two reasons: 1 We had not succeeded to get hold of the nomination letter, and 2 descriptions in the media, in particular The National Catholic Reporter, clearly indicated that the nomination had little to do with the purpose of the prize — to liberate all nations from weapons, warriors and wars and to let co-operation on security replace threats and military power games.

In our letter of Feb. In the annex you will find a selection of quotes that would seem to make it easy for the committee to give a citation loyal to Nobel if it were to select Pope Francis for the prize. A prize to honor the pioneer of peace research and a tireless life in develping theory and practice for peace by non-military means. His exceptional vitality and mobility has brought this message of understanding and insight into peace with justice to the four corners of the planet in a remarkable fashion that is truly unique in its educational and activist impact.

It is no exaggeration to write that he invented and established the field of peace studies as a respected subject of study in institutions of higher learning throughout the world. As a consequence of his charismatic speaking ability and seminal writing Johan Galtung has reached the hearts and minds of thousands of people throughout the world, conveying the belief above all that peace is possible through the dedicated efforts of ordinary people if they are work to change the political climate sufficiently to educate and excert pressure on the political leaders of the world as well as on global media.

It is only by creating this global peace consciousness at the grassroots level that we can have any realistic hope of overcoming the entrenched militarism that remains so dominant in governmental bureaucracies throughout the world.

Giving Johan Galtung the kind of platform that the Nobel Prize affords would itself be an enormous contribution to the realization of a peaceful world, and the fact the he is a Norwegian son would have a special resonance in the country and beyond. Professor Galtung's unique imprint on the study of conflict and peace stems from the combination of systematic scientific inquiry and the Gandhian ethics of peaceful means and harmony.

This has enabled him to communicate and implement shared change within the most different cultural and religious contexts: a lesson which is the key also for the solution of our common XXI century global challenges. A truly extraordinarily creative, productive and global life at the service of peace would deserve the recognition of the Nobel Peace Prize". See the whole nomination here.

ICAN was also nominated for , see here :. International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear arms , Switzerland. ICAN currently has diverse partner organizations in 95 countries. We are in a time of profound danger. The threat of nuclear weapons has grown in an increas- ingly conflict-ridden, cyber-vulnerable, and climate-stressed world.

Although the Cold War ended more than two decades ago, there are still nine nuclear-armed States that possess more than 15, nuclear weapons. The use of a single nuclear weapon can destroy an entire city and kill most of its people Disappointed after her strategies with the New Agenda Coalition to obtain consensus agreement among NPT states for the Thirteen Steps to Nuclear disarmament in came to naught, Rebecca moved to Scotland in , as co-organizer of Faslane , a grassroots initiative to mobilise groups of people from all walks of life and all parts of the world to demonstrate their opposition to Trident renewal with nonviolent peace actions at the Faslane nuclear base.

She has thus gone to the heart of the militarized world order that exists today. In my view Joya is working directly to realize the farewell to arms purpose that Nobel wished to serve with his peace prize. Nominated by Prof Phillip C. Naylor , Marquette University.

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As part of peace team work in several countries, she has traveled to Iraq twenty-six times, notably remaining in combat zones during the early days of both US-Iraq wars. Her recent travel has focused on Afghanistan and Gaza, along with domestic protests against U.

She has been arrested more than sixty times at home and abroad, and written of her experiences among targets of U. Nominated by Adj. Prof Bill Wickersham , Uni of Missouri also in :. A valiant fighter, educator and organizer for international co-operation on disarmament and abolition of nuclear weapons,. Directed by Paul K. Chappell, a West Point graduate, and Iraq war veteran, peace leaders are given the tools and training needed to During , this program inspired more than people. Critical to the cause of nuclear abolition is the education and involvement of the next generation.

Interns gain hands-on experience working with a non-profit educational and advocacy organization. Countless interns learn from their time at NAPF that their path in life will involve making the world a more peaceful place. He is a co-founder of Abolition Krieger has authored and edited more than twenty books and hundreds of articles on peace, justice and nuclear weapon abolition.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen , Uni of Oslo also in :. Photo: Evelin Frerk, www. It often is accompanied by the indifference of bystanders. Yet, in an interconnected world, this script is more than ethically indefensible. In an interconnected world, no region can hope to remain safely insulated, be it from global ecological damage or from a culture of militarism. Read the full nomination here - full presentation nomination here.

United Nations and the Nobel Peace Prize

Federico Mayor and the culture of peace initiative. Through his writings, talks, and huge network of distinguished people, he is able to inspire and guide thinkers and political decision-makers alike. A Recommendation and a Plan of Action were developed to guide and inspire the work both at a governmental and civil society level. Nominated by Dr. It cannot be a cause for surprise that this organisation, which aims to raise global public awareness of the need to abolish nuclear weapons, was initiated by the Mayor of Hiroshima.

The current membership of Mayors for Peace approaches 7, cities in countries. The country with the second largest number of members is Iran The common denominator explaining the popularity of the organisation in both countries is that they have been victims of the use of weapons of mass destruction, resulting in a widespread determination among their citizens to work for their elimination worldwide.

NIST Nobel Winners

Just as the Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are playing a vital role in the success of the organisation in Japan, so do the survivors in Iran of the chemical attacks that were launched by Iraq during the long and atrocious war in the s. The abolition of nuclear weapons remains an urgent task for the world community.

Furthermore the successful nominee should meet the criteria specified by Alfred Nobel in his will. The fact that the world has so far escaped disaster and that the nuclear arms race has been restrained in some ways is in no small measure due to the campaigning efforts of well-informed, concerned and courageous individuals and the movements they have inspired. During TFF focused on Iran and Burund, two main trouble spots and took an early leading role in advocating, already in May, a genuine humanitarian intervention as a response to the tragic developments in Burundi.

All Nobel Prizes in Literature

With its specific knowledge obtained during 12 years of work in the country Mr. Oberg and the TFF was in a special position to contribute to preventing war - Both with its international scope and its preventive character Mr. Read the full nomination for here, with additional points for here. Marouf Bakhit, Jordanian Senate. Efforts by Parliamentarians, across all divisions of nationality, religion, political and economic systems - the true Nobel spirit " PNND members have built parliamentary support from all states in the Middle East including Israel for the proposal for a Middle East Zone Free from Nuclear Weapons and other Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Award ceremony, at the United Nations, highlighted policies on nuclear disarmament and on gun control — and encouraged governments, parliaments and civil society to spread these policies. Instrumental individuals in the creation of the organization has been Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wilderness now Voices for Creative Nonviolence , who herself repeatedly has brought medicine into Iraqi people despite the sanctions during the s, and Medea Benjamin of the feminist peace organization Code Pink.

September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows has been nominated both and but now, in the period of the failed War on Terror it should be obvious to people how the reconciliation work of this organization is the way forward, not the kind of escalations, warmaking and illegal drone attacks that the US, France, UK and others have emphasized. Read the full nomination here. Kathy Kelly has a separate nomination here. Swanson has been a consistent and determined advocate for change in U.