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Killing your $1000 Grocery Bill

Protein is in just about everything, in some quantity. I would argue that as long as you are eating a variety of whole not processed foods it would be very difficult to not get enough protein if you are feeding yourself enough calories, even without meat. Amen to your Amen. It always comes from someone less fit.

Marianne May 16, , pm. Matt August 27, , pm.

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But the real question is how do you get enough vitamin B? I take a pill for B, but I like having it in my diet too. Sarah August 31, , am. You can get your B from fortified plant milks, tofu, cereals, nutritional yeast, etc. As long as you know you need it everyone should be aware — vegan, vegetarian, and omni. Steph October 1, , am. Yeah, we are a family of four and all vegan.. The protein thing is a bit of a misnomer, in my opinion… westerners have a problem with too much protein!!!

After getting blood work done I found I was critically low in D3. Apparently most people are D3 deficient but never know until they become symptomatic or have a blood test. And you are SO right about protein. Westerners eat FAR too much protein ;. Thanks for this timely article! In the midst of the March Challenge; was trying to determine the next item to tackle- and groceries was it!

No surprises; not ugly, but not very pretty either. Enjoy the outdoors more anyhow. Third- scaled back on vacation. My first thought was to challenge myself to stay out of the grocery store as long as possible, and use up the items we currently have. Time to defrost the turkey. Thanks again!

Geek March 29, , am. Day 1- After anxiously awaiting the 3 day defrost, ready to cook turkey! Easy enough.

Save dark meat for later. Freeze some white meat, slice some for sandwiches, make broth from carcass. Bonus by product- enough methane for alternative fuel.

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  8. Day 3- Make more broth from dark meat. After, place dark meat in 9X13 pan, add a can of cream of mushroom soup and line edges with broccoli.

    The untold truth of Jamie Oliver

    Realized was out of bread that day, so tried an experiment and made some from scratch. Verified 4 year old yeast is past shelf life. Thankfully, pie crust does not require yeast…. I think. Decide to skip the 99 cent pre-packaged spice mix, and make my own taco seasoning?! Cook up the remaining meat for turkey tacos, and freeze half for later.

    Okay, technically I do have to buy the ham first; goes against my initial goal. But, I used up the Thanksgiving Turkey?! Oh, the excitement that awaits…. Penelope April 18, , pm. Caitlin August 28, , am. August 26, , pm. Normal March 29, , am. Spot on. Shortly thereafter my wife and I stopped going out to eat and even started a blog to share with family and friends and whoever else the trials and adventures of cooking in a small kitchen. Our goal is to learn how to eat normal food without going out all the time without having to be a master chef to cook something worth eating.

    What can I say but that we have caught the Mustache-bug and are looking for all the best ways to eat without breaking our budget? Chris March 29, , am.

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    His blog address actually linked into his reply name. Sean March 29, , pm. Lindsey March 29, , am. I understand the logic behind killing your grocery bill, and I want very much to decrease my grocery spending. However, where my food comes from and how it is produced are really important ethical issues for me. For this reason I rarely eat meat and if I do it comes from a local farm this is expensive though, which is why it is very rare. I also cannot justify shopping at Rainbow or Cub, seeing as most of the produce there comes with the requisite pesticides and non-fair-trade labor.

    However, it is a bit farther away so I still buy produce from the co-op. I know where the meat comes from, know how they are raised, etc. Dan March 29, , am. Great point. Cheaper than chicken and way better for you. Heidi March 29, , am. Half cow is cheaper, so we always get at least a half, then split it with friends. Amber November 12, , am. If anyone in this area knows of a better source we are buying from Maple Ave Market in Vienna I would love to know.

    Thank you! Beecy December 30, , pm. Not sure of the prices.. Guaranteed fresh meat. At Blue Ridge…the cow, pig, etc…. Jordan October 20, , pm. You can absolutely eat for less and eat ethically if you buy items that are ethical but not marketed to green washed consumers. Where I live, in boulder, there is an over abundance of health food stores and ethical farm to table restaurants.

    You can pay absurd amounts of money for your food if you shop at these places. One alternative is to seek out local farms that you can have a relationship with, decide is your ethics align and then buy produce, eggs or meat from them. At our farmers market eggs are 5 or 6 dollars a dozen but you can get them for 2. Usually if you offer to purchase a dozen a week or however much you need it offers the farmer stability and you get a good price.

    You can also do work trades. I worked at a farm hours a week in exchange for all my produce one summer. It was a great deal for me since I could eat for free, spend my afternoon outside and learned the skills that I now use to have my own productive garden. If ethics and price are important to you nothing beats establishing relationships with those producing your food.

    Liz December 22, , pm. I am also very picky about me food and spend less than my friends. In reality I pay less because I keep and render the suet, bones and eat the organ meats.

    Food Fighters!

    Most people just waste these. I buy my grains whole from wholesalers and grind my own which also saves a ton of money. People also cluster into buying groups to spread out their orders. Azure her the best service and prices I have found so far. I garden and am constantly expanding.

    Within the next few years I should be growing and canning most of my vegetables. My favorite rice comes from the Korean store or other Asian markets. Even expensive luxury rice is still very cheap.

    Let's Thrive | Podbay

    Also organic produce is popular with Asians, but at much lower prices. If you have the connections the kids raise these animals with great care and love. They taste wonderful. If you are afraid of bread baking, make any variation of the no knead bread recipes.