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From the first whiff of that cologne, the trembling started deep down in her stomach, spun up to her head and would not stop. She forced her mind to focus. Someone kept getting in without leave much of a trail. Nothing stolen. Not obviously, anyway.

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Her sister. She poked around, asked uncomfortable questions and clearly upset someone. She got too close, which was exactly her plan. But she would.

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No way would she make it that easy for anyone to destroy her work or derail her. After the first time this happened, she called the police but that led nowhere. A second call likely would end the same way. They would ignore her, write her off as the crazy one with the dead sister.

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This was about a sense of a presence, of being spooked, and she would become the new lunchtime story for the officers. But she knew. He had been there. He or she. The person knew how to get in and was playing with her. The next time she might come home too soon. Despite her worries and the downsides, she picked up the phone and dialed the one person who might be able to help her, the mysterious D. The guy no one ever saw who went by one name — Wren. The ball bounced off the rim and close enough for him to run it down again.

Damon refused to fight with Wren because Wren was not a man who lost very often, if ever. They came from different places and met in their twenties when they both believed they were out of options — him on the run and Wren looking for revenge. Coached them on how to shoot, how to set fires and not get caught, how to hide, and then he taught them that all of those skills, while helpful, ended in jail or a death sentence.

He encouraged them to funnel their anger into legal pursuits. To learn other skills. Wren did and was now the elusive, mostly anonymous fixer that every rich person and government turned to for help. Just wanted to shoot some hoops in peace. Hell, he could not even hit a foul shot these days. When everything went wrong, it went really wrong. Wren blew out an exaggerated breath. The loud thud before it soared into the air filled him with an odd satisfaction.

Damon balanced the ball under his arm and studied one of the handful of people he trusted in the world.

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You want me to work for you again and the answer is no. Wren snorted. I stopped using trackers on my friends two years ago. It was a total mind escape. Enough character and plot development to keep you invested from beginning to end. High action right from the get go, as evident by how quickly I got through this book.

It was a good, delicious ride. And the next time I am in the mood for such a book, I know exactly what to pick up. View 2 comments. Damon is an exciting, edge of your seat joy ride you do not want to end. The characters are real, sexy, fun and kick butt. Teresa Gabelman had me smiling, giggling, hot and bothered and even a little sad. Teresa Gabelman is now one of my favorite authors that I will auto buy anything she writes. Teresa Gabelman has open up a whole new world for Paranormal Romance fans.

I have read tons of Vampire books and this is by the far the most realistic Vampire book I have read. In Damon vampires are not Damon is an exciting, edge of your seat joy ride you do not want to end. In Damon vampires are not a myth, they live in a human world. I love the concept that there are kid vampires too. The kid vampires are also able to get adopted right along with human kids by families. Damon his your sexy Alpha Male hero who is a bad ass warrior. He is a sexy lover who growls and rips panties off during sex.

Damon is protective and sweet. He can kick some serious butt when anyone messes with his loved ones. Nicole is a strong minded heroine that at no cost will protect anybody she cares for, especially the kids in the system.

She never new her parents and spent 18 years in the system. After she left she told her self she would never be afraid again. She takes her job seriously because when she was in a foster home the dad tried to rape her, she vowed she would do anything to help kids in the system, vampire and human. I loved her character.

The love and devotion she has for all the kids in the system is amazing. She will do what ever it takes to protect the kids, even put herself in harms way. Nicole and Damon have sizzling chemistry right from the first time they meet. The first time they meet you can feel his protectiveness of her. Nicole never backs down from him or anybody. He likes her boldness from their first meeting.

It was so nice to see Damon this huge warrior who is use to fighting and killing bad guys, actually enjoying playtime with Nicole during one of their training sessions.

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  6. This scene is fun and playful. I loved how eventually she would get her way with Damon, especially when it came to the kids in the system. There is cussing jar at work with f-word written on it. It is kept on Mitch, her bosses desk since he usually the one putting the most money it. Love it as it just adds to the story. Nicole had no problem telling him and others when they cuss and need to put money in the jar. It is so funny she even had Damon watching what he says. Loved all the secondary characters, Duncan, Jared and Mitch.

    All sexy Alpha Male Heroes that have a good roll in the story. It is fun to see all these yummy warriors together. Never a dull moment with them.

    Review: Turkish Netflix drama ‘The Protector’ a let-down

    They argue and laugh. Jared was my favorite. I enjoyed watching his friendship grow with Nicole and there was just enough of his personality that you want to know more about him. Damon is perfect and a keeper for me. It is one of those books that I will read over and over again. I hope there will be just enough of Damon and Nicole in book 2 as I can not get enough of them. Paranormal fans, Teresa Gabelman and Damon is not to be missed. I know their fear. I have felt it, tasted it and lived it for the first part of my life. I will do everything in my power to keep these kids safe and happy.

    Ever since she walked in the door he had an overwhelming urge to protect her and that confused the hell out of him The romance and sexy times were intense and a lot of fun. Reviewer: Bex Rating: 5 out of 5 I immediately liked the main female character Nicole. She's very easy to like with her very quick and easy comebacks, no-nonsense attitude and her compassion. I love a strong female protagonist, and with Nicole, she easily fits the mould. It was with the introduction of her character, that I knew that 'Damon' was going to be a book that would keep me hooked. What I didn't quite realise, was just how hooked I would be.