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Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. Bonaparte's army is poised to deliver a fatal blow to the source of Britain's wealth and power by marching overland to India. Arriving inBombay, Nathan takes command of the East India Company's naval wing - the Bombay Marine - an under-armed and poorly crewed flotilla of sloops andgunboats. With these meager resources he must stop the flow of French supplies to their Indian ally and protect the Company's trade from the pirates andprivateers swarming in the Bay of Bengal.

But when Nathan discovers the truth behind the East India Company s honourable facade he confronts some toughpersonal choices. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Hunter keeps the plot continually on the boil. A highly compelling read. The rousing naval battles, twisty plot, and muscular prose lift Hunter's nautical yarn a few notches above the competition. Anyone who appreciates excellent prose, witty anecdotes, complex action, intertwining plots, and all-round great writing will anxiously await the next installment.

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The Spoils of Conquest

Shop By Category. My Orders. Track Orders. His fellow officers had sympathised with him over the loss of his ship, but being as superstitious as any of the foremast jacks, they no doubt thought that misfortune was catching and wished to avoid too close a contact with a source of infection. He did not have long to wait.

The Spoils of Conquest : A Nathan Peake Novel, Book 6

A lieutenant presented the usual respects and begged to inform him that the Admiral would be happy to see him as soon as his duties permitted. The words were a mere courtesy. Bracing himself for the worst, Nathan followed the officer below. Admiral Jervis was at his desk, its surface entirely covered in papers.

He was not alone. His secretary, Benjamin Tucker, was in attendance, and there was another man in civilian dress, unknown to Nathan, who looked upon him keenly as he entered the cabin.

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The stern windows were open to the sea but the air was humid and the Admiral's ruddy countenance was slick with sweat. He had taken off his wig, and what little hair he had was plastered thinly across his scalp. He looked older than he had on the quarterdeck and less imposing, but no more amiable. Nathan had seen a portrait of him in his youth when he had appeared every inch the dashing young officer, but there was little of that dash now. His eyes had shrunken in his skull and grown hooded, and his nose, which had always been large, now appeared more like to a beak than ever, so that Nathan, who may well have been biased, had the impression of a malevolent old buzzard glowering over the corpse of his prey.


When Nathan entered, the Admiral was dictating a note to his secretary. The part that Nathan overheard was in Jervis's usual forthright style:. They have been too long at anchor. I have therefore issued a general order to block up the entering ports that they may be obliged to come and go by climbing over the hammocks. I have the honour to be, sir, your most obedient et cetera, et cetera Ah, Peake, so there you are. It was the first time Nathan had engaged with the Admiral at close quarters and he had good reason to feel apprehensive. Jervis was a fierce disciplinarian, famous for treating officers and men with the same harsh severity.

Hangings might be uncom mon, but lesser punishments were meted out with a frequency — and a disregard for human dignity — that disturbed not a few of his officers. Just a few days since, he had ordered a young midshipman to be courtmartialled for allowing his boat's crew to plunder a Spanish fishing vessel.

Nathan had no objection to that — the midshipman was entirely out of order — but it was not enough for Jervis that the court had ordered the officer to be deprived of his rank and stripped of his uniform before the whole ship's company. He had personally intervened to order the man's head shaved and a notice hung around his neck describing the crime — and then, as a further humiliation, made him solely responsible for cleaning the ship's privies until further notice. But he could be extremely generous at times, and was said to be entirely unmoved by rank and privilege.

You were as like to suffer a withering rebuke if you were the son of a cowherd or a peer of the realm. Nathan was well aware that the timing of the execution had aroused further disquiet among the officers.

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The men had been condemned late on Saturday night and it had been widely anticipated, even by the President of the Court, that their sentence would be deferred until the Monday, out of respect for the Sabbath. The Admiral, however, had begged to differ. Nathan assured him that he had no strong views on the matter and was rewarded with a dismissive grunt. But at least he was invited to sit. Nathan viewed the stranger with renewed interest.

Shortly after rejoining the fleet he had sent a confidential report to their lordships of the Admiralty detailing what he had learned, while on his 'business ashore', of French intentions in the Eastern Mediterranean. He wondered now if Scrope had been sent to discuss the implications of this, perhaps even to propose a plan of action. Jervis had given no indication of the fellow's status, but it was reasonable to suppose from the Admiral's remark that he was no mere clerk.