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This free double thick crochet potholder pattern is perfect for making a bunch of useful kitchen accessories for your own home, and they make awesome gifts! Check out my crochet stitch how-to page for step-by-step directions. The bigger you make it, the bigger your potholder. You do not need a particular multiple of stitches. The potholder pictured is approximately 9.

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Round 1: Sc in 2 nd chain from hook and in each chain across. Work 1 sc into each chain across. As you continue working, the piece will eventually form into a double layer piece that begins to take the shape of a square when the two open edges are brought together. Once the piece is a square shape when the two open edges are brought together, stop crocheting near one of the corners. Work into the inside-most loop of each stitch from each side. Working through the first stitch, and the stitch directly across from it on the other side of the opening, make a slip-stitch through both.

Continue along the open edge, working slip-stitches through the stitches on both sides at once to close the seam. To see a full selection of Posh Patterns available for Instant Download, please visit my other shops! Do you sell your handmade crochet and knitted items?

Potholder Loom: Basics and Beyond | Syne Mitchell

I'm sorry that I cannot help you with the color of the yarn. I haven't seen this variegated color for some time. It may have been discontinued. I have been using your tutorial and bernat blanket yarn to make the absolute warmest most comfy blankets possible, without holes most crochet patterns leave die to the thickness of the yarn; for myself and family. Truly will be family treasures. Thankyou so much for the persistence and amazing tutorial.

I use the same tutorial for hotpads, potholders and handle cozies for cast iron skillets. You are very welcome. Your blankets sound very interesting - I'm sure they are warm and thick. I frankly don't like holes in my afghans either! Just wondering if you've ever done this with a different color on either side? Just wondering if you've done this with a different color on either side? I have not Ashely.

I'm not sure that would work because the way the double stitch works, it lays across both sides at once. I think the color would show on both sides whether you wanted it to or not. You could certainly do a stripe however! If you try it, be sure to let us know how it worked for you.

The crochet crowd patterns

Love this. Started it during the super bowl. Did get finished but am looking forward to finishing it tomorrow. Planning on making some as gifts Thank you again. Just saw a post about using this site a blanket Sounds warm. I bet a scarf or of this would be cozy too. So many possibilities! Oh, and I think the name should be changed to Miss Abigail's favorite crochet hot pad pattern I started this pattern today and I just love the results. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I intend to make many for Christmas gifts 2 per person. Once again thanks for pattern and pictures. Miss Abigail, this is a wonderfully written and photographed pattern.

I tried another similar pattern and it was difficult to follow. I look forward to looking through your site further. I'm sorry, Lynette, that this color has been discontinued. Lily Sugar and Cream's "Country Sage" would be a good substitute. It is a little warmer in tone and has a gold added as well, but I think it would be very pretty.

Crocheting For Dummies

I saw this pattern on line but instructions were difficult to follow. The sides would either grow wider or smaller until I figured out that last stitch you warned about. Also your advice to count every row is critical! I wish i had seen your tutorial years ago. Now they are my favorite hostess gift, newlywed gift, etc. They can also be embroidered with initials, etc. Using counted cross stitch in squares.

I'm so pleased that the photos and tips were helpful to you!

Easy Weaver "B"

I love the idea of cross-stitch. Kathleen, Any chance of making this in a circle? I would love to make some to go under teapots and think round would look better.

I have made 2 of these so far and absolutely love this pattern!! A round would be fabulous, wouldn't it? I'm going to have to ponder it, but I would think the "method" could be applied to any pattern for a single-crochet round. There would probably have to be a kind of seam as one made the "rise" to the next row, unless you did a spiral pattern.

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Or, perhaps one could do a kind of hexagon to make the seam appear more deliberate. A hexagon shape would be more attractive under a tea pot than a square and possibly easier to incorporate the increase. Interesting to think about. I did a round one using this type of technique once, just experimenting for the fun of it and liked it, but didn't keep notes and, unfortunately no longer have it as I gave it as a gift. I should've kept good notes, because it came out quite nice. You're welcome, Winona! Me too - there are fancier ones, but this really is my favorite.

I have made 2 now, and I love them.

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Happy with no seams. Thanks for sharing! Question: are these hot pads the same as the ones you taken trays out of the oven and place straight on to? Can the wool take the heat without burning? Yes, Rachael!

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