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The human brains think in categories. There is a category — friend — whom you cannot kill.

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Another category — enemy — you can kill, but it is illegal to do so. But if there is an enemy and a war, you can and should kill them. A child learns to reason in those categories from infancy. The human mind can instantly switch from chicken-friend to chicken-soup.

Accordingly, as we rush to work, go to school, love, argue, analyze our finances, someone is living in the state of war. Suicide, done in a socially-destructive manner, is a disease which is not unique to Israel. There are frequent cases in the U. Many psychologists have studied this phenomenon, and it is considered that these destructive acts are usually performed in a reactive state of mind: the reactive phase of clinical depression.

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It is most frightening that practically any person can be driven to such a state. This is often used for training in the Russian army. It turns out that due to various life circumstances, a certain portion of the population — usually a miserly portion, in prosperous peaceful years — falls into a deep reactive depression, and is ready for anything, to the point of leaving the house and attacking anyone they see with a kitchen knife.

But, the given phase of depression lasts for months, seldom reaching one to two years. Does it seem clear where one can encounter a suicide bomber? One just has to be in a place where a person in utter despair may go. These are probably religious institutions, community elders, youth gangs, and simply powerful and influential people in the diaspora, of whom one can request help. Holiday season is coming up, many tourists are expected, and it follows that I will sell more bread.

The psyche of a person in despair, one who is in a deep depression, is pliable; he is broken, and subsequently, easily susceptible to a new ideology. There is the answer to the question — where to keep.

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Next, we approach the second question: how to activate? Whatever the specifics, there has to be informational communication — words. The question is whether these words will be broadcasting but not personified propaganda, advertising, information or concrete — commands. I have long studied propaganda, advertising, faith, and other things which relate to belief and changing opinions.

A major problem is that there is a wide gap between words and action. A person reacts to words of propaganda with words of support.

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What is there to say about war — people are paid even to come to political support meetings. But this is all very unreliable. This cannot be a strategy, since it is badly managed. The structure of command is different.

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The essence of a command is fear. The punishment for noncompliance is significantly scarier than the command itself. During World War II, barrier troops were common, which did not allow troops to retreat, and penal battalions were essentially armies of suicide bombers. What can be similarly frightening for a young suicide bomber who commits a terrorist attack? His own life — I doubt it; it has no value. He has long dreamed to leave it.

His family? What else? I think that the most frightening for him is life itself — failure to carry out a command is punishable by life which, for him, is unbearable as is, and which will become even worse. The group narrowly escapes the initial outbreak and starts investigating what caused it. While initially hesitant, Lady Nix convinces them that unless they do something, the whole world is doomed. The story serves as an allegory for the crack epidemic of the s, where the "soulless husk" zombies of the comic stand-in for the people addicted to crack-cocaine.

The comic pushes the idea that the epidemic was not random happenstance, but a purposeful agenda orchestrated by the government to keep the black community down. In addition to the comic, the group also released Augmented and Virtual Reality companion applications. The AR app scans the pages and adds special effects and a full cast reading, while the VR app retells portions the story in a 3D comic book world.

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The AR app added a full cast reading of the comic, with characters being voiced by prominent Hip-hop artists and actors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Black Eyed Peas. The Beginning Masters of the Sun Vol.